Our employees are constantly updating their expertise to bring you the most robust and up-to-date products possible. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Responsive Web Design greatly reduce the time it takes Array Digital to build applications. Intelligent business applications can be created in a fraction of a time it takes most other consultancies that use older technologies.
Business Applications

Business Applications

We create custom software to solve unique business problems. Our preferred delivery platform is as a web application, because that one application can serve so many users simultaneously. With cloud based servers and services, as well as unlimited bandwidth on the server side, the sky’s the limit for how web applications can scale.


We have designed and developed more than 500 websites & our team is fluent in in HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

One Site Fits All… Devices

Responsive design to accomodate all devices - All of our websites are designed to fit all mobile devices, so that your customers can find the information they need without a problem.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites that are built to be found - We keep SEO in mind throughout our entire web development process. We’ll organize and format your content in a way that’ll look and feel good to Google, as well as your customers.

E-Commerce Systems

So, you need a way to sell your products online - Let us build you an online store that will sell.

Content Management

We want our clients to understand their own website on the back end - That’s why we build most of our sites on WordPress.

Mobile Applications

The world has gone mobile... Smart phones are ubiquitous now and there’s no going back. If you’re not on the mobile bandwagon, then you’re already behind your competitors.

User Experience

We maximize user satisfaction with our products by improving the usability, accessibility, and overall experience the user receives.


We focus first on business objectives and the functional requirements of our applications. Then we test, test, test.

User Interface

Your app's user interface is everything that the user can see and interact with! We develop amazing designs and interfaces that helps improve the user’s experience.


We will handle app store distribution for you by automatically uploading your app to the IOS or Android stores.

Technologies that we support

  • Node.js is a JavaScript platform used to create fast and scalable server applications. Since JavaScript is used on the server, we use the same basic technology (JavaScript) on the server as we do in the web browser. Node.js is also a non-blocking asynchronous framework which means it doesn’t wait for a line of code to finish execution before moving onto the next line. This makes it much faster than traditional server frameworks.

  • AngularJS, created and supported by Google, is a framework for building highly interactive web and mobile applications. In the past, all user interactions occurred by the web page “posting back” to the server, the logic ran on the server, and an updated web page was returned. With AngularJS this work is done right in the browser, eliminating the jarring effect of posting back and providing users with instantaneous interactions.

  • MongoDB is a NoSql database that addresses the shortcomings of the thirty year old relational database and the demands of modern applications development. With significant adoption among the Fortune 500 and Global 500, this open source database allows for very quick development of the database that stores applications’ data.

  • Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications.

  • The ASP.NET MVC Framework is an open source web application framework that implements the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern.

  • C# (pronounced “see sharp”) is a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, procedural, generic, object-oriented, and component-oriented programming disciplines. It is part of the Microsoft .NET framework

  • WordPress is the most used content management systems out on the market. The CMS platform is the backbone of millions of websites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. With its flexibility and scalability, WordPress is the superior solution for web development.

Quality Assurance

We feature test every individual requirement as each feature is completed. Throughout the process of the project we create automated testing scripts that allow us to do regressions testing on the application as a whole as it is still being developed as well as the end product. This combination of feature and integration or regression testing allows us to provide the highest possible quality products possible.
They provide a high level of project management to let us know of any issues discovered, schedule and budget concerns, and they provide architectural recommendations beyond that required of the statement of work. The client for this second project is also thrilled to have such a capable staff working on their project. We highly recommend [Array Digital] for your software development and consulting services.

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