Web Development

Our employees are constantly updating their expertise to bring you the most robust and up-to-date products possible. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Responsive Web Design greatly reduce the time it takes Array Digital to build applications. Intelligent business applications can be created in a fraction of the time it takes most other consultancies that use older technologies.
Business Applications
Business Applications

Custom Software for Businesses

We create custom software to solve unique business problems. Our preferred delivery platform is as a web application, because that one application can serve so many users simultaneously. With cloud based servers and services, as well as unlimited bandwidth on the server side, the sky’s the limit for how web applications can scale.

Mobile Apps

The world has gone mobile. Smartphones are now ubiquitous and there’s no going back. If you’re not on the mobile bandwagon, then you’re already behind your competitors.

We create sophisticated mobile apps for the Apple (iOS) and Google Play (Android) App Stores. We excel at creating data-rich web and mobile apps. We create mobiles apps using state of the art technological platforms and a single code base from which native applications can be compiled for deployment to the Apple and Google Play App Stores. This avoids the legacy of having to create a code base for the iOS app and then another code base for the Android app.
Business Applications
Business Applications

WordPress Marketing Websites

We develop premium WordPress websites that get results! Our experts take the time to learn about your business, who your customers are and how users interact with your website. We do all this while maintaining a strict timeline so you get the website product you need on time. We have designed and developed more than 500 websites & our team is fluent in in HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

They provide a high level of project management to let us know of any issues discovered, schedule and budget concerns, and they provide architectural recommendations beyond that required of the statement of work. The client for this second project is also thrilled to have such a capable staff working on their project. We highly recommend [Array Digital] for your software development and consulting services.

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