Social Media Marketing

The primary focus of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness. The most important metric that our social media marketing team measures is social media followers, which has a direct correlation to the number of potential customers who are aware of your brand.

Our social media marketing team also strives to always keep your digital marketing strategy in mind by driving traffic through the sales funnel to your website. By implementing a digital marketing strategy that will increase social media followers week over week, the likelihood that your social media posts will drive traffic to the content on your website dramatically increases each and every time a post goes out.

Social media marketing success also boils down to ensuring the content that is being produced is engaging and includes high quality subject lines. If a captivating article is added to your website then scheduled on your social media accounts with a dull headline, no one will EVER click from their Facebook news feed or Twitter stream to visit your website. Your social media posts will also NEVER get clicked on if they don’t include a relevant image, so Array Digital implements Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card tags with every website we manage.

Social Media Engagement

A constant stream of content is almost as important to your social media marketing campaign as the time you spend engaging with influencers and your followers. Array Digital’s social media marketing team implements Hootsuite streams which allow us to track all of the posts that are sent out related to a specific keyword phrase. For instance, we track  “Custom Software”, “Mobile Apps”, “WordPress Website”, “Digital Marketing”, and “Array Digital”. This allows us to interact with anyone who is either posting valuable content about our industry, searching for companies who provide digital products, or reaching out to our brand.

Social Media Advertising

One final extremely valuable social media marketing technique is online advertising. When it comes to online advertising on social media our bread and butter is Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads give our clients the extra boost to increase their followers, drive traffic to their website, and generate leads.

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