SEO Services

SEO services (also known as Search Engine Optimization services) involves adding content to your website and ensuring that content is found by potential customers who are using a search engine to find a solution to their problem, an answer to their question, or anything in between. By properly optimizing the content that is on your website you will maximize the number of pageviews and the number of potential sales.

SEO services from Array Digital are comprised of identifying questions your customers frequently ask and the problems that your products or services solve. We then perform keyword research techniques to find the most highly searched on keywords with the lowest amount of competition. It is important to not focus your target keywords solely on the name of your products or services, because typically a customer does not know what they need when they are searching for your company.

Upon selecting a keyword for a specific webpage, we will begin the process of creating high quality content that visitors and Google will find engaging. This leads to an increase in website pageviews and a shift towards the first position in Google search results. Not only does SEO services provide an increase in Google ranking and website pageviews, it also incurs the highest conversion rate.

In addition to adding additional content to the website, Array Digital’s SEO services will ensure that each existing page on your website is clean for Google to crawl. This means that pages will be free of broken links, page speed will be increased, and each page will be optimized for one keyword from the target keyword list.

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