Online Advertising

Online advertising is more cost efficient than using traditional mass media techniques and allows for a very narrow target market. We boost your online advertising and only target your ideal customers.

Online advertising with Array Digital includes the implementation of Facebook advertising and Google Adwords advertising. Implementing A/B split testing into online advertising makes it simple to compare the results of multiple advertisements and allows for the versatility to test and tweak ads at any time. This makes it much easier to increase click through rate and conversion rate for advertisements. Another benefit of online advertising is the ability to geo-target advertisements, which enables advertisers to utilize one of the most important elements of a campaign - location. These campaigns are tailored for each client depending on budget, business goals, ROI targets, and more.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has the most active users of all social networks worldwide. Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online and our online advertising team will ensure your ad spend is used efficiently.

Google Adwords Advertising

The most beneficial aspect of Google Adwords is that it works faster than SEO. Typically while SEO is being implemented our Google Adwords certified advertising team will implement a campaign to drive traffic to the same landing pages so that Google will eventually pick those pages up in organic search results.

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