Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most important component of any digital marketing strategy. Without content there is no way to optimize your website for Google search results and there is no way to build brand awareness on social media. Great content marketing will position your company as an industry leader if you are able to answer the questions your visitors are searching for. With a variety of engaging content on your website, visitors will view more pages and stay on the site longer.

The initial step to any content marketing campaign is determining what your target market has an interest in reading about or which questions are commonly being asked. Google has several tools that will suggest keyword phrases and indicate the number of average monthly searches. Typically creating one piece of content a week won’t be overwhelming and will be a sufficient amount to keep your audience engaged.

The content marketing team at Array Digital will assist clients with their content marketing strategy by crafting a minimum of one original piece of content per month. This content is tailored around a specific keyword phrase so that it will eventually appear in Google search results. We find that evergreen content is extremely beneficial because it can be used on social media numerous times by simply varying the subject line and the time of day it’s posted. This increases the potential for a much broader audience to click through to the website and read the article.

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