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Our digital marketing strategy includes the utilization of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online advertising to increase your website’s pageviews, raise google ranking, and grow brand awareness.

The sales funnel is very important to our digital marketing strategy and our goal is to assist you in driving potential customers through the funnel.

At the top of the funnel we find social media followers who have some sort of awareness of your brand. Online advertising clicks also fall into the top of your sales funnel as they may have a need for your service but have yet to research the credibility of your brand. Below that are the subscribers to your email newsletter who have enough interest in your brand to sign up and receive your content straight to their inbox. Finally, the key piece of your sales funnel are the visitors to your website.

We recommend always moving your potential customers further down the sales funnel. For instance, don’t push people from your website to one of your social media pages because they are moved further from submitting a form on your website or picking up the phone.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The three main benefits of digital marketing are an increase in website pageviews, a boost in Google search ranking, and an improvement in brand awareness.

Increase Website Pageviews

Website pageviews are increased through a combination of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online advertising.

Boost Google ranking

Google ranking is boosted with the addition of appealing content to the website and ensuring the optimization of that content is aligned with Google’s complex algorithms.

Grow Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is generated through the creation of high quality content and the consistent engagement on social media websites.

Digital Marketing Services from Array Digital are also beneficial because they come at nearly ⅓ of the cost of hiring an internal digital marketing specialist and typically result in a much greater return on investment.

These guys always go the extra mile and have a great range of services they provide. Their SEO and SEM abilities are second to none. (...) You can really tell that each of them really love what they do and it's not just a job for them. They come in each day and look forward to being there and genuinely care about the end result.

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