Company Lunch

Company Lunch

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About three years ago, I started what’s now referred to as Company Lunch.

A lot of times I was actually there by myself and people were actually out there in the field working and I was losing connectivity with them. So even though we were emailing and there were phone calls here and there, I didn’t see them that often. And I realized that I needed a way to kind of bring them back together and I created this concept of company lunch.

What’s Company Lunch?

So what Company Lunch is, well it’s pretty easy to explain, you probably already figured it out. But basically, we take everyone out to lunch. We only do it every two weeks and over the years I thought about maybe increasing the frequency or maybe even scrapping it altogether. But it’s really such a great time for everyone to get together.

And it’s always amazed me that even in times where there’s a lot of tension or a lot of activity or even if I’m frustrated with people, we’ll go to Company Lunch and just hang out and shoot the shit and we’ll eat and all that tension kind of evaporates. And it’s a time for us to reset. And the reality is, it’s not that expensive. I mean, we’re talking maybe $10, at the most $15 per person and that’s at the super high-end. It’s usually $10 per person for Company Lunch and we’ve got 10-12 people so we’re looking at $100 every two weeks. It’s basically something you don’t even need to budget for.

Previous companies that I’ve worked for would do this on a very rare occasion like maybe once a quarter or maybe not at all. And I think that these business owners are missing out on an opportunity. You know, if you break bread with someone, there’s something deep going on there. And just the fact that you all get together on a regular basis; it’s a habit, it’s a ritual.

Company Lunch for Our Remote Guys

This is something that we’ll do forever and as a matter of fact, now that we’re expanding to Orlando, we’ve got two people down there right now. I’m getting a business credit card for one of the guys so that they can go out themselves to Company Lunch, just the two of them, or anyone else who happens to be visiting at the time. But the two of them, every two weeks, they go to lunch and they may not even see each other because they both work remotely even though they live in the same metropolitan area, we’re going to force them to see each other. You have to get lunch together.

It’s super important – spend the money. It’s not that much money, it really isn’t. You’re investing in your culture and it’s totally worth it.


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