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How to Create a Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

| Erik J. Olson |
In today’s competitive economy, just “having” a website isn’t enough to really drive business growth online. To succeed, you need to make su…

Mobile vs Desktop Website Trends

| Erik J. Olson |
The first desktop or personal computer was created in 1971 compared to the first smartphone in 1992. Although the PC was invented 21 years b…

6 Web Design Tips to Make The Best First Impression

| Erik J. Olson |
Making the Best First Impression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Many of us have heard this famous Will Rogers q…

Why Should I Optimize My WordPress Database?

| Erik J. Olson |
Having a messy desk makes productive work difficult, even impossible at times. Similarly, your WordPress website is comprised of physical fi…

Single-page Website Design vs. Multi-page Website Design

| Erik J. Olson |
A well-designed website with a clear purpose is important for every company. Because there are so many different design options and strategi…

Why Do I Need An SSL On My Website?

| Erik J. Olson |
That little green lock icon in the address bar of a website is a common sight, especially if you are doing any online shopping. It means the…

How to Tell a Story Through Your Website Design

| Erik J. Olson |
From daily conversations to entire Sundays spent in front of your new Netflix obsession, stories are a natural part of our lives. Stories ar…

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