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How Blogging Can Help Your Law Firm

| Erik J. Olson |
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential for businesses operating today. This is especially true for law firms. It’s no longer a lux…

How Do Law Firms Benefit From Using SEO?

| Erik J. Olson |
When people search for a lawyer, they’re more likely to use Google than anything else, according to a recent survey by Martindale-Avvo. If y…

25 Advanced SEO Tips for Law Firms

| Erik J. Olson |
0According to a 2020 study, statistics show that 85% of internet users prefer Google as their primary resource when searching for a lawyer. …

The Effects of the May 2022 Google Core Update

| Erik J. Olson |
Search engines are constantly tweaking and adjusting their algorithms. They do this to help ensure that the sites they feel represent the pu…

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

| Erik J. Olson |
Impatient with the distinct lack of traffic, clicks, and conversions on your law firm’s website? Concerned that your site isn’t rapidly ri…

Why Your Personal Injury Law Firm Needs SEO

| Erik J. Olson |
Car accidents, slip-and-falls, and workplace injuries occur all the time. When people find themselves in these situations, they often Google…

How Reviews Affect Local SEO

| Erik J. Olson |
Both positive and negative reviews are an important part of building trust, impacting as many as 42% of online shoppers looking for a law fi…

What Are Local SEO Citations & Why Do They Matter?

| Erik J. Olson |
Local SEO is critical to reaching the most targeted potential clients, your local market. Keeping your business name, address, and phone num…

Local SEO Link Building Guide 

| Erik J. Olson |
You know the importance of building a strong linking profile, but there’s more than just link quality that matters. You also need to think a…

Is Your Law Firm Website Making These Critical SEO Mistakes?

| Erik J. Olson |
You’ve put in the effort to keywords and SEO, yet you still seem to fall short. Maybe the problem is not lack of effort, but rather making m…

Google’s Page Experience Update: Is Your Law Firm Ready?

| Erik J. Olson |
Does your website rank in the search results when someone Googles your law firm’s service? Chances are you have spent quite a bit of time an…

How Voice Search Affects Lead Generation

| Erik J. Olson |
In today’s information-driven world, most people turn to an online search engine, like Google, to quickly find answers to questions or perfo…

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