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Case Study
The Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke
  • Industry: Divorce Law
  • Location: Dallas, Texas

The Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke Case Study

The Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke is a family law practice founded by Dallas native Chris Schmiedeke. He obtained his license in 1993 and has worked since that time to support the unique needs of Texas families, including through divorce, custody, adoption, and property division. Due to his geographical location, performing well in the online market can be quite difficult. Keep reading to see how Chris Schmiedeke’s law firm has risen in rankings in just a short time.

Wanting something fresh

When Chris approached Array, he had several stellar reviews from his clients and numerous Client Choice Awards indicating his dedication to his clients and his overall ability to meet their needs. However, with his current website, this wasn’t enough to draw in new clients. So, he requested help from Array Digital in 2022, looking for a freshened-up website through a redesign.

Creating a plan

To help Chris attract new clients, Array Digital’s first step was establishing the law firm’s web support. That included a new law firm website design. We also began content marketing services, social media marketing, premium link-building services, and Google PPC ads.

Regarding content marketing, Chris elected to use our agency’s monthly content package and a content sprint to help establish crucial web pages early on. This would allow his firm’s website to start ranking sooner.

One of the core services Chris Schmiedeke’s law firm offers is a simpler, more streamlined divorce process designed to be easier to understand. Array Digital feels the same way about SEO marketing. We took the time to outline the options available and the SEO strategy we felt would be ideal for him. We educated him on what we do and how he can evaluate the successes for himself.

To help him communicate more effectively with his clients, Chris creates videos that simplify the legal language around family law topics to make the information more accessible. This also helps to support his SEO strategy. This original content is invaluable for promoting a law firm’s website and providing clients with highly useful information, aiding in building his brand and his ability to remain a thought leader.

The success Chris sees is due to his willingness and ability to collaborate with his digital marketing agency. This directly helps with building new clients.

Results: 300% increase in organic traffic

As of April 2023, The Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke, P.C. hasn’t been with us even a full year yet. However, the website has still experienced substantial organic growth, as seen below.

organic traffic chart

Within one quarter, the website gained over 3,000 new organic visitors! That’s over a 300% gain in organic traffic compared to the last quarter of 2022.

Google Analytics user snapshotAHREFS snapshot

In addition to those impressive results, the company went from having virtually zero keywords ranking in the search engines to boasting over 1,800. That’s a remarkable improvement in such a short amount of time.

Some of their top keywords are:

  • Adoption in Texas
  • Amend divorce decree
  • Waiver of service divorce
  • How to adopt a child in Texas

These are highly targeted keywords that directly reflect the firm’s offered legal services. Chris’s law firm has seen a significant increase in its success with securing new leads thanks to our combined efforts in these areas. The future is likely to offer numerous further improvements to their ranking and lead conversions as we continue to build their SEO strategy.

Finding the right website strategy is critical

You can have the same type of success (and even better) as The Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke with the support of Array Digital. Adopt a winning SEO strategy with Array Digital specific to your law practice. Learn how we can help your firm by calling 757-333-3021 or filling out our online contact form.

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