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Case Study
McPartland Law Offices
  • Industry: Legal
  • Location: Washington State

Law Firm Boosts Lead Generation in Just 60 Days

We talked to attorney Bryce McPartland to learn why he turned to Array Digital for help with his legal marketing. Our conversation dives into what smaller to mid-sized law firms can do now to achieve success, even going up against established law firms.

Decades of legal experience serving Washington State

McPartland Law Offices was founded in 2012 by attorney Bryce McPartland. A personal injury law firm built on providing fair and comprehensive legal representation to injured clients, McPartland’s Washington State law practice has helped clients recover over $50 million in compensation.

Prior to working with Array Digital, the firm did a hodgepodge of marketing over the years, but it was impossible to conduct accurate channel attribution. Attorney McPartland wanted to make sure his marketing dollars were going further.

custom infographic on Mcpartland Law's Marketing plan

A lack of cohesive digital marketing

screen shot from ahrefs about data

Attorney McPartland wanted to see his law firm succeed online, and he invested in various services and methods to that end. Yet, every component was working separately instead of cohesively, and it was difficult to see what was driving a positive ROI. That’s when he turned to Array Digital.

Creating custom digital marketing solutions for your law firm

Array Digital provided a wide range of services to meet McPartland Law Offices’ needs and help bring them on track towards achieving their goals and extending the reach of their marketing dollars.

His services included the following:

  • Content strategy
    • Content sprint
    • Monthly content
  • Website design and re-platforming
    • Ongoing support and hosting
  • SEO strategy
    • On-page optimization
    • Backlink campaign
    • Local listing management

The services provided by Array Digital helped to rebrand the law firm, giving it a fresh new look and approach. Paired with ongoing services and frequent competitor analyses, McPartland Law Offices’ partnership with Array Digital has helped define the firm’s success.

The importance of communication and education

Array Digital aims to not just “fix” the problem but also provide clear and ongoing communication and education to our clients about what we are doing, why it’s important, and how it’s done. Some lawyers, like attorney McPartland, express interest in learning the basics of the process and being part of the decision-making.

Bryce recalls a conversation in which Array Digital determined that moving his office just a few miles away would help McPartland Law Offices rank in the #1 spot, helping them minimize the competition tremendously. He would never have thought of that before, but Array Digital’s marketing experts did.

He also appreciates that high-quality content can be created for him because his time is far more valuable since he is a solo, practicing attorney.

How did we educate the client?

Array Digital provided McPartland Law Offices with a wide range of tools and informative resources, including ongoing coaching services. Today, attorney McPartland knows enough to be confident in the decision-making process and to “tell somebody that [working with Array Digital] is a good deal.”

How long did it take to see positive outcomes?

google search console screen shot

Though it can take some time to turn the page, Bryce McPartland shares that the process was rather quick:

“About 60 days out, we saw an increase in calls. About 120 days out, we started to get more applicable calls for services.”

Over the course of a year working with Array Digital, the law firm saw an incredible increase in organic traffic and keywords, up 266% in just six months.

Here are some of the keywords that this client is ranking well for:

  • Washington Car Accident Attorney
  • Washington Motorcycle Accident Attorney
  • L&I Lawyers in Washington State
  • Washington Automobile Accident Attorney
  • Washington State Personal Injury Attorney
  • Spokane Personal Injury Attorney

He’s also seen an increase in featured snippets, a notably important component for ranking well in search engines and driving organic traffic to the website.

Array Digital is lawyer-approved and recommended

Attorney McPartland recommends working with Array Digital for several reasons. After speaking to several other digital marketing firms, he found that Array was less pushy during the discovery process. His initial experience with the team was comfortable and educational. That, along with the fact that there are clear results, makes Array Digital a proven option for McPartland. He states that his expectations were exceeded.

He values the team approach that Array Digital brings to the table. He has a direct line to his strategy team whenever he has a question. “You don’t feel like you’re just pawned off on a subordinate,” he says. Array Digital responds to client questions urgently and communicates with our clients in transparent and meaningful ways.

Unhappy with your current agency? Give us a call.

The success attorney McPartland shares with us here is not unique to him. In fact, it’s what we do and love to do for our clients. If your current digital marketing experience is not achieving your desired results, it’s time to speak to someone who can help.

Reach out to Array Digital for the experience, expertise, and credibility you need from a law firm marketing agency that can develop winning custom strategies for any size law firm. Give us a call today at 757-333-3021.

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