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Case Study
Jeffrey Randa & Associates
  • Industry: Legal
  • Location: Michigan

Law Firm Gains 2X Conversions in a Single Month With Array Digital

After poor performance and a lack of communication with prior agencies, Jeffrey Randa approached Array Digital desiring strong brand representation online. He’s always been motivated to establish an online presence for his law firm and was one of the first in his area to launch a website with a big-box legal marketing agency.

Not only did they provide him with a cookie-cutter website, but this agency failed to communicate with Attorney Randa. He moved on to several other agencies that also failed to provide any real progress or teach him what they were doing or why. Still, Randa wanted to create a high-functioning, search-optimized website and learn the finer details of digital marketing. That’s when he found Array Digital.

Array Digital executed a custom solution, providing Randa with a combination of high-performing services that properly represented his law firm and the education he needed (and wanted) to understand what we were doing and why. Collaboration and communication throughout the process were clear, highly effective, and created proven results.

The history of Jeffrey Randa & Associates

Jeffrey Randa & Associates is an established criminal defense law firm in Michigan. It focuses heavily on DWI/DUI and license restoration services. The firm, which was founded in 1993, has a simple mission: to produce ideal outcomes in every case. In fact, it guarantees a win for every driver’s license restoration and out-of-state clearance case.

Prior to coming to Array Digital, the firm used a big-box legal marketing provider, which at the time was a leading organization in online presence development for law firms. At first, Jeffrey Randa was happy with the service since he was among a minority of lawyers who had websites. He was also able to talk to real people. In the process, he received a free website from YellowPages.

When he first started, he was instructed to write content without direction or feedback. Over time (about nine years later), he decided to write a blog, but he struggled with that process. When he asked questions, he received nothing more than automated responses. It was frustrating. When he finally received help, it was via email.

In 2015, he learned about SEO and started his SEO journey through another agency that also did PPC advertising. Unfortunately, that was a wasted investment. When that agency didn’t produce results, he went to another organization and still struggled.

After consistent disappointment with other agencies, he called Array Digital for a data-driven solution. Our approach to digital marketing intrigued him from the start.

Array Digital’s custom solution

Attorney Randa received a wide range of digital services from Array Digital. Those services included content sprints, monthly content development, and PPC. We also provided website design and platforming to support the development of a new site. Then, we launched an SEO campaign and provided ongoing coaching to Attorney Randa, as he desired.

We educated him on what we were doing and why it was important, keeping him informed on the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing and preparing him for growth.

Array Digital’s unique approach to ongoing education

For Attorney Randa, education was an overwhelming deciding factor. He wanted a custom strategy, rightly so. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well, that was the really overwhelming deciding factor in me choosing [Array Digital]. I think I’ve been around enough to know when people are just talking and when they’re guessing. They’re giving you a load of buzzwords and making themselves sound busy.”

Our co-founder, Kevin Daisey, explained key details to Randa, including how data matters, the importance of competitor analysis, how to determine relevant keywords, Google algorithm changes, and the speed at which Randa could expect results.

Jeffrey Randa’s experience with Array Digital has been superb. He states that our team follows up quickly, provides emails about action items and completed work, and communicates through meetings as often as necessary. He shares, “I’ve had more exchanges with you guys in six months than I did with everybody else combined in all the twenty-some years [of marketing]. Certainly a [greater] magnitude of more helpful and useful information in that regard.”

Jeffrey Randa goes on to say this:

“The simplest way to explain it is that I feel like I know what I’m doing. I’ve been given an assignment, and I understand its purpose and why it’s being done.”

A measurable increase in conversions

Working with Array Digital produced tangible results. Ultimately, this was critical to creating the outcome Attorney Randa wanted for his marketing.

By working with our advertising strategists, Randa saw that terms for “license restoration” were doing very well. His conversion rate in April is double what some researchers have found to be the legal industry norm.

That’s impressive.

Traffic to his website also significantly jumped from the start of the year when his new website launched, demonstrating the improvement nearly immediately.

The effectiveness of Array Digital’s custom solution

While others provided a cookie-cutter solution with no support and education, Array Digital flipped the script. Array Digital does digital marketing strictly for law firms, which gives us the unique ability to reach our clients’ needs. We know about ABA ethical compliance and stay up to date on relevant laws in various fields.

Here are screenshots that demonstrate Randa’s engagement over the course of a single week. The first image shows the importance of organic and paid search. The second image is a brief look at the traffic over one month and shows the engagement time (which usually means a person is reading the content they click on or is clicking through to other pages on the site).

Here’s a list of keywords that Attorney Randa’s website is ranking competitively for now, which are some of the most important for his industry and the work he does:

  • Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer Cost
  • Michigan DUI Lawyer
  • Can You Get a CDL With a DUI in Michigan
  • Detroit DUI Lawyer
  • Michigan OWI Lawyer
  • Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer
  • License Restoration Lawyer Michigan

When discussing the main points Attorney Randa has learned from working with Array Digital, he notes that the competitor analysis, both what it is and why it matters, was a valuable tool. He also learned the value of relevant content — quality versus quantity.

How Array Digital is different

Array Digital redefines growth strategy for attorneys. We specialize in law firm marketing, which helps us stand out. According to attorney Randa, what really helps us stand out are our transparency, data-driven education, and support. We always offer the ability to meet and explain the reasoning behind our strategies. That type of insight was critical to building a strong relationship and ultimately creating a successful online marketing campaign for Randa.

To achieve this, Array Digital works closely with our clients to create custom strategies that address their specific needs and goals. Our expertise and industry knowledge allow us to create highly accurate, on-target digital marketing campaigns and websites that get attention.

What is Attorney Randa excited about in their future with Array Digital?

He has many aspirations for his website, including seeing it rank higher and continuing his SEO learning journey. He hopes that everything he’s learned will become second nature to him. He’s also excited to record some videos to make content more engaging for his audience. Attorney Randa knows that he always has the support of Array Digital’s strategy team.

Metric driven. Results proven.

If you want the same success as attorney Randa, connect with Array Digital. Our experience, expertise, and credibility are pivotal. We specialize in designing unique strategies for our clients rather than offering generic solutions. We deliver sustainable results for our clients and are enthusiastic about revitalizing your marketing efforts. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.

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