Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

Recently, I have tasked my company to write up some blog posts, and it got me thinking about blogs and why they’re important. Really, if they’re important.

What Should a Blog Be?

It’s an expert article that you’re going to write for people that are interested in that topic. But why is it important for you to do this?

Number one, it establishes you as an expert, but also, number two, blogs are the essence of search engine optimization. If you think about the internet, the internet is really nothing more than content, which is text, and then also images, videos, things like that, and then links between content.

How to Use a Single Blog Post

A blog is a single article on one topic. Now, if you do it correctly, then you should have a particular keyword in mind. So, as an example, I’m going to write a blog about blogs, so the intent is I want to show people that we’re an expert in blogging and content management, so the keyword I’m going to focus on is “content management blogging.”

When someone goes into Google and they search for something like content management blogging, or a variation of the keyword I want to work on today, I want them to find our page – that particular blog post about blogging. Once they land on that blog post, they’re on our website.

What we do with them goes into conversions. So we could give them an offer for an ebook, we can collect their email address to get more information, maybe even do a seven day email course. We could have a “contact us” form right in the blog or we can also have links to other relevant blogs. The opportunities are endless!

What is the End Goal?

We want to ensure that the customer stays on our site. We want them to learn from us. When they do, eventually, some of those people will require some assistance. That’s how a blog helps. So, think of a blog as content generation. When you blog, it’s search engine optimization. With search engine optimization, you get traffic, and with traffic, you get leads!

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