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What is the best way to shoot your videos?

Erik Olson
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Portrait vs. Landscape

For years, a debate has been raging on about whether you should shoot video in portrait or in landscape mode. Landscape mode was originally used for displaying on televisions and desktop computers, and it is the best mode for those devices.

People started to shoot in portrait mode when mobile devices got prevalent, so it is important to incorporate portrait mode into your video production as the use of mobile devices for accessing the internet and social media becomes more and more mainstream.The problem with portrait mode is that it doesn’t work very well on desktop.

Neither mode is perfect for all devices.

What about square?

The compromise that a lot of people are making these days is to use square mode. A video shot in square mode should look really good in places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and on your website. The only place that the video won’t look perfect is YouTube, however it will still look okay making square mode the best compromise.

The percentage of mobile only web users for the second quarter of 2017 is about 51% globally. Quarter over quarter the number of mobile only web users has grown by 3%. Because of the significant increase in mobile only web users, in the debate on the best way to shoot your videos, we recommend using square mode.

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