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Do I Need to Back Up my WordPress Website?

Most people understand the value of keeping all kinds of data backed up. We back up our computers, phones, or any other kind of personal records we wouldn’t want to lose. Your website should be on that list as well! Your website can crash due to hackers, server outages, human errors, and poorly tested updates. A lot can be lost at any time. That’s why at Array Digital, we consistently back up every one of our clients’ websites. If you want more details on why a support plan is a worth-while investment, take a look at how support can take the stress out of your website concerns.

How often should I back up my WordPress site?

We back up our websites every day. This ensures that if a WordPress site does fail for any of the reasons listed above, you can be sure that your site will be immediately restored to its most recent form.

Where do I backup my WordPress site?

WordPress Support clients benefit from having their WordPress website’s database and files backed up on a US-based Amazon S3 cloud server. Opting for a third party server (like Amazon S3) can save you a lot of time and money. Storing backups on your local web server is the technical equivalent to putting all your eggs in one basket. If your server crashes, you could lose your site and the database. It can also make it easier for hackers to access your files and hijack your WordPress website.

By backing up your WordPress files and database on a third-party server, we are ensuring that you have a clean, safe backup which we can be used to restore your site whenever necessary.

What should I do if this sounds too complicated?

Array Digital’s backup service is a disaster recovery plan for your website. Our backups service the most important part of our WordPress Support plan because disaster is not a question of “if”, it’s a question of “when”. Array Digital separates itself from the competition by not only supporting your WordPress site, but we also monitor its health and run daily backups. A support plan is an insurance policy on your website.

Many other companies offer support plans that do not include the health or state of your website. It does not include hacking, errors, or bad updates. It only includes the server itself, and if you are lucky, they will only have a backup stored once per month. Then you are left with a loss of data, images, files, and updates. They may also add additional charges when you actually need to restore from your last back up.

So take charge of your website with Array Digital’s WordPress Support service and let us help you protect your WordPress website.

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