Author: Maria Soliven

Maria Soliven is the User Experience Designer at Array Digital. We help grow businesses through custom software, websites, and digital marketing.

Which comes first: Content or Design?

Coming from a Content-Focused Past

Before I discovered my love for experience design, I spent two years as a copywriter/search engine optimization (SEO) specialist for a web design firm that served everything from start-ups to large manufacturers. The most exciting part of the copywriting process was when I received the live proof of a new website – a beautifully designed, 100% custom-developed WordPress website topped with visually appealing, full-width images. And all of that Lorem Ipsum sprinkled throughout the site? It was up to me to turn that placeholder text into a meaningful marketing message.

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From daily conversations to entire Sundays spent in front of your new Netflix obsession, stories are a natural part of our lives. Stories are our way of communicating experiences through language, visuals and actions. Just like any good story, a well-crafted design must be compelling and have a sequence of events that flows naturally. As a designer, we’re told repeatedly that a successful design is the product of great storytelling, but it seems that everyone has a slightly different take on the idea… so here are three simple guidelines to ensure that your design tells a great story:

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