Array Digital Partners With Korving & Company

Daniel Keever
Daniel Keever is the Content Marketing Specialist at Array Digital.
Companies come to us when they’re sick of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t generate enough good leads. We maximize your investment through highly targeted digital marketing and online advertising.

Array Digital has been selected by the financial group Korving & Company to help accelerate their firm’s growth through a website redesign and highly targeted digital marketing strategy.

Korving & Company is based out of Suffolk and serves clients across the Hampton Roads region. An investment management and financial planning firm, Korving & Company specializes in working with retirees, couples planning for their retirement, and women who have recently suffered the loss of a spouse.

Array Digital specializes in comprehensive digital marketing that builds brands and drives conversions. Companies come to us when they are tired of spending money on advertising that doesn’t make more than it costs. Our team specializes in all phases of digital marketing like website creation and optimization, online advertising, and content marketing.

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