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WP Critical CareWP Critical Care

We are pleased to introduce our newest product, WP Critical Care!

Having created and maintained over 500 websites, Array Digital has seen first hand the effects of a WordPress site that is not maintained.

Websites, just like any other software, become vulnerable to hacking when neglected. Hacking commonly results in unauthorized and embarrassing changes to your content, or worse, complete outages. Almost all of the hacking incidents we’ve helped with were due to neglect such as not updating plugins, not backing up files and the database, and not running security scans.

To directly address these pain points, we are pleased to announce the launch of WP Critical Care, owned and operated by Array Digital. WP Critical Care secures your WordPress website so you won’t get hacked!

For only $19 a month, WP Critical Care includes:

  • WordPress Updates
  • WordPress Database Optimization
  • WordPress Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Security Scans
  • WordPress Backups
  • WordPress Spam Control
  • WordPress Site Speed Tracking
  • WordPress Weekly Reports

You’re at risk if you can’t answer YES to each of these questions:

  • Are you running the latest version of WordPress?
  • Do you know how many plugins your website uses?
  • Is each of your plugins using the latest version?
  • Do you backup your website daily?
  • Are your backups stored offsite and in the cloud?
  • Do you actively scan for malware and blacklisting?
  • Are you monitoring your websites uptime and downtime?
  • Are you monitoring how fast your website loads?

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