Array Digital Launches Non-Profit Winner’s Free Website

Jake Maines
Jake Maines is the Digital Marketing Manager at Array Digital. Companies come to us when they’re sick of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t generate enough good leads. We maximize your investment through highly targeted digital marketing and online advertising.

Array Digital has launched the website of their non-profit website giveaway winner, the Eastern Shore’s Own Arts Center. The website combines beautiful design and easy functionality to help them make the most of their digital impressions. The website, valued at $6,500 when coupled with web hosting, went live on February 16th. The giveaway is part of Array Digital’s desire to give back to those in the community who enrich the lives of those around them.

The Eastern Shore’s Own Arts Center brings the joy of the arts to many people who may not otherwise be able to participate. They offer classes to both youth and adults including activities dance, music, visual arts, fitness, and karate. Through their work, they seek to build community between people on the common ground of the arts.

View the new website:

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