Core Values 

These are the core values that we strive for at Array Digital.

What Do We Believe?

At Array Digital, we want to make sure our goal of being the best software partners possible is achieved. We do so by strictly following a set of core values that keeps us honest with our partners and constantly moving toward excellence in our field. In particular, we adhere to the following core values:


Being honest, and being perceived as an honest person, is the bedrock for building trust with peers and clients.We will be honest with each other at all times, and will not cover the truth at the expense of avoiding tough conversations.


We are a group of continual learners. We yearn to experiment with new technologies and study whether those technologies are a good fit for the company, our clients, and our projects. Learning occurs both on and off the clock to stay on top of our rapidly changing industry. As lifelong learners, we expect that everyone in the company will also be lifelong learners and bring new ideas and techniques into the company.

Technical Excellence

We will be some of the best at what we do. Mediocre performance is unacceptable since clients hire us to solve complex business and technical problems that they struggle with.


When a team member needs our assistance, we are ready and willing to help. We work together to teach, learn, and accomplish the work that needs to be completed.


We will not hide information or bad news. We must be confident enough in our relationships to be able to expose the good, the bad, and the ugly to each other and to our clients.


We will be punctual and complete tasks and projects when we say they will be completed. If we cannot meet established timelines, we must alert others before the deadline passes.

Informal Professionalism

We are professionals at what we do. We strive to conduct ourselves professionally - not to put on an air of formality. As professionals we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. That said, there is no need for formality in behavior or attire (ex: dressing up). Professionalism is expected; formality is not.

Early Adoption

We will continue to learn new technologies and to incorporate them into our projects. This will provide each of us with the ability to learn new and exciting techniques. We will be early adopters as the industry changes. But we will also temper our desire for early adoption by not focusing on new technologies at the expense of introducing unnecessary technical risk into our projects.

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