Roc Solid Foundation

The Roc Solid Foundation has a unique and powerful approach to improving the lives of children fighting cancer. While doctors and nurses tend to their physical health, the Roc Solid Foundation provides a different kind of medicine to the hearts of children and their families. They administer generous doses of fun to these families who need it most.

The Gift of Play

Roc Solid Foundation understands that many of these children who are receiving chemotherapy are limited in where they can go and what they can do, so they bring the fun to them. They build incredible playgrounds and orchestrate TV-worthy room makeovers to give the children and their families a safe-haven full of joy and laughter.

The Roc Solid Foundation has been carrying out, and building upon, their life changing work for over 30 years now. Recently, they wanted to take an important step to strengthen their operation: a new and powerfully engaging website.

The Power of Design for Roc Solid

Roc Solid website needed to be more than a pretty face. A critical part of sustaining their incredible work, it serves 3 vital functions:

  • Attract volunteers to carry out their projects
  • Encourage donations to sustain their organization
  • Create a positive and memorable brand

The key to accomplishing these goals is to design a website that creates a brand narrative that visitors can experience. The Array Digital team knew that each interaction viewers had with the Roc Solid’s website needed to build appreciation and admiration for their work. The better their impression of Roc Solid’s work, the more likely they would be to volunteer, donate, or advocate among their own personal networks.

The Final Product

Our team got to work combining compelling visuals and clear functionality. The result was a website that is easy to navigate, filled with videos and images showcasing Roc Solid’s work and volunteers.

The website was also recognized by the Webby Awards for its excellent design and functionality among charitable organizations. The Roc Solid Foundation’s website was recognized among the top 18% of 13,000 submissions from all 50 states and 70 countries.

"Suddenly, we didn't feel alone anymore."

For $25/month, you can give a Roc Solid Ready Bag to a family on the worst day of their life—the day their child is diagnosed with cancer.

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