Patient Management

Paper and pencil is no way to run 90+ physical therapy clinics. But that’s the position Advanced Physicians Management (APM) found themselves in after more than 20 years in business. Although the business had grown, APM had clearly outgrown its current processes for managing patient appointments, so they hired Array Digital to bring their clinic operations into the modern age.
After importing hundreds of thousands of records from its billing system, Array Digital created Patient Management – a modern and efficient web application that serves as their clinic and patient information management system. With Patient Management APM now manages 40,000 patients and hundreds of thousands of appointments, doctor visits, and prescriptions in one easy to use application.

Patient Management not only makes managing individual patients fast and efficient, but also provides multiple business rules for identifying patients that need to be contacted for various reasons. Employees simple click the Call link to find the next patient that needs to be contacted, reviews their information, and enters in the results of their conversion as a Journal Entry into the patient’s record. This feature increases patient retention and office visits for those patients that are currently need to be contacted, a capability that APM did not previously have.

Since all the data is centralized, APM Corporate now has a real-time perspective across all its clinics. This perspective gives APM a competitive advantage over its competitors and results in insight they did not have before the creation of Patient Management.
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