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We solve complex business problems that otherwise shackle your business. We work hard to stay on top of changing trends in technology. Our employees are constantly updating their expertise to bring you the most robust and up-to-date products possible.


  • We will listen to you and understand the problem before offering solutions.
  • We will work with you to define the scope of work, and will never over-engineer the solution.
  • We will keep you informed as we go, and will meet regularly to review progress.
  • You’ll love working with us.
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Erik Olson

Founder - CEO
Erik Olson is the CEO, business consultant, and a not-often-enough-anymore programmer with Array Digital ( - experts in designing, creating, and supporting digital products for premium brands and well positioned startups. Erik has over 15 years of professional experience in software development and in managing software projects ranging from multi-year, multi-million dollar DoD enterprise initiatives to line-of-business applications for mid-sized businesses. He holds a Bachelor's and MBA, both from Virginia Tech, is a Professional Project Manager (PMP), is the co-founder of RevolutionVA - the nonprofit behind the RevolutionConf and HRDevFest software conferences, and is a Past President of the local chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI Hampton Roads).

Kevin Daisey

Founder - CMO
Since starting his business in 2006, Kevin’s constant pursuit of bringing his selfless passion and vision to help business grow/evolve has been his greatest achievement. Kevin has the unique gift and talent to take an idea, or a new business concept and propel it into something amazing. He is able to partner with startups; launching their ideas into tangible, amazing vision. At the same time, he is able to work with local established businesses of any size, and help them continue to evolve with his amazing vision and contribution to breaking new ground.


Travis Stokes

Director of Software Development

Jamal Anderson

Project Analyst/Tester

Sheela Cooper

Business Analyst

Katya Ruiz

Executive Assistant

Joe Pickard

Software Developer

Jason Buonviri

Web Developer

Maria Soliven

UI UX Designer

Jake Maines

Digital Marketing Manager

Bruce Stockwell

Sr. Software Developer
As we scaled up in a new industry we quickly recognized an opportunity in the unmanned services space. There were several equipment management and workflow planning tools available but none of them met our needs. After an extensive search we recognized that [Array Digital] was the only software design firm that could take our vision off the white board and make it a reality. [Array Digital] partnered closely with us to develop and exploit the emerging opportunity. By leveraging [Array Digital], we have effectively realized the benefits of employing a full scale software design team internally without the costs – we’ve kept our focus on scaling our core business while stretching to take advantage of a fleeting opportunity.
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