A Site That Rocs – Roc Solid Foundation

A Site That Rocs - Roc Solid FoundationA Site That Rocs - Roc Solid Foundation

Roc Solid Foundation is dedicated to building hope for families facing pediatric cancer. The organization is best known for its Play It Forward initiative, which constructs playsets for kids ages 1 – 8 and completes room makeovers for kids ages 8 – 18. Roc Solid is fast-growing and committed to making a difference for these children and families throughout the United States.

The work Roc Solid Foundation does relies heavily on the generosity of its volunteers and sponsors. They understand the importance of an online presence that is optimized for these audiences, which is why they have employed Array Digital to modernize their website. Along with refreshing the content and color, Array Digital will optimize the user experience by streamlining the layout, making it easy for users to volunteer and donate. Stay tuned to http://rocsolidfoundation.org/ to view the redesigned website. Click HERE for a website of your own.

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