When a Client’s Contact Us Form Stopped Working

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We really screwed up bad for a client.

The Situation

This is going back a couple of months, but I got a text message from the client and he said, “Hey, I don’t think my contact us form is working.” He goes, “Maybe it’s my fault, maybe I messed something up.” And I wrote back and I was just kind of joking. I said, “It’s probably user error.”

But what I did right away after I sent that text is I went to the contact us form and I submitted it and then I texted him back and said, “Hey, did you get the contact us form submission that I just put in?” And he said “No. And I didn’t get the one that I submitted either.”

And right away I contacted our web developer and this is probably like 8:30 at night. And I said, “Hey, I think we got a problem. Check this form.”

Rectifying a Bad Situation

Well, he did some research and he was able to get that form back up and running that night, I believe, maybe the next morning, but it was something I consider to be a pretty big problem. And we did what we call an after-action review, which means that we get the team together and we figure out what went wrong and what can we do in the future to prevent this from happening again?

And they had done the research and they found out that over the course of about two months, what had happened was about 37 of these contact us form submissions did not go through. They were in the database but they were not delivered to the client. And when I found that out, I freaked out. I was really mad at myself and at us as an organization for dropping that ball.

And frankly, it was just unacceptable. I mean, we are hired to produce leads and we did our job, but if we don’t deliver those leads, then we are wasting everyone’s time and money. And I had to make things right with the client, which we did. But it was just devastating to us to know that, that we had really kind of screwed up that bad. And I realized that we can never let this happen again.

No Task is Too Small When You Drop the Ball

So, you know, even though it’s only like a contact us form or whatever, the thing is it represents a lead. It represents business. And it was an opportunity for our client’s business to grow even more than it was growing. And it’s just inexcusable. And so when we realized the scope of what had happened, and out of this 37, a lot of them were spam, but still it’s like 20 of them were legitimate leads, we put a process in place right away to make sure this never happens again.

So the form was working, then it stopped working. And what we realized is that we have to confirm every single client’s contact us form on a regular basis.

So right now what we have a process, we put this in place away, where we go to every single client’s website that we support, we submit the contact us form once a month, and then we call the client. And we confirm that they received it. That was the part that was missing. It was the calling and the follow-up. So we have to make sure that these things work and now we have a process in place that will ensure it.

But wow, what a let down that all of these leads just kind of disappeared. That can never happen again. Whenever you deliver something to a client or for anybody, you’ve got to make sure that it’s actually being received. You know, just doing the 99% is just not good enough. You’ve got to take it all the way and you got to confirm and you’ve got to validate and it’s just got to get there and it’s gotta be delivered.


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