4 Web Design Trends You Should Consider

4 Web Design Trends You Should Consider

You may ask if your company really needs a new website. Sure it seems somewhat outdated but does it really matter? Companies spend millions of dollars on print collateral, tv commercials and other forms of advertising when having a website helps minimize the cost and increase ROI.

At one point in time, developing a website was not affordable or ideal for a small business. Now, maintaining a presence online is essential for creating brand awareness, and making products and services accessible to consumers 24/7. A website has the ability to improve customer service and reach beyond a local customer base.

Consider these four trends when redesigning your corporate website!


Having a website that is mobile and tablet friendly is more important than ever. As the world adapts to new technology, more consumers use smartphones to search online. In an increasingly mobile-driven market, it is essential that your corporate website is responsive, and ranks in Google no matter the device being used. Responsive design is a necessity for any growing business.



The latest trend in web design is simplicity. Flat design uses two-dimensional elements that are visually more appealing than three-dimensional graphics, and innately minimalistic. A simple interface makes it easy for viewers to read through content quickly.


Viewers gain a sense of who your company is, and what it has to offer though a strong online presence. Now is the time to take advantage of adding photography to your website and providing consumers with an interactive way to engage with your brand. Large visual content is an easy way to capture attention and build trust from users.



Choosing a minimalistic design for your website gives it a more modern and polished look. Ghost buttons are commonly used on flat style designed websites that fit seamlessly on top of large background images. With the right approach, the transparent buttons outlined using basic shapes provide easy navigation for viewers.

The most effective web design trends use visual content, rather than plain text, and encourage viewers to explore further into the website. Creating a positive experience for viewers online starts with a well-designed website. Contact us today to add value to your business through a user-friendly website.

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