Disrupting The Enterprise

Disrupting The Enterprise

Erik Olson

Erik the Founder & CEO at Array Digital. Companies come to us when their software holds them back from growing. We solve complex problems so they can compete at a higher level. Reach him at erik@thisisarray.com or on twitter at @erikpmp.

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No one wants to be disrupted. But when it comes to business innovation, being disruptive is a good thing; a very good thing. Most businesses aim to be competitive, yet aim to be just a little bit better than their competitors. Being a lot better than competitors is, frankly, hard work. On the contrary, disruptive businesses take their competitive nature to a whole new level. They introduce technological advances that not only position them more competitively, but to such a degree that they fundamentally change the baseline of competition for their entire industry. Often times competitors scoff at and dismiss the potential of the disruptive technology until it is far too late.

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