Month: June 2016

A Tale of Two Outcomes – Failure and Success

Erik recently gave a talk at Hatch to a group of entrepreneurs about dealing with failure and success in business.

And here are the slides.


5 SEO Tips for Beginners

Despite what you may have heard, search engine optimization (SEO) is more than just adding keywords into your site’s content. SEO delivers the most relevant information to a user’s search query online, and works to enhance your company’s digital marketing efforts. While word-of-mouth is an excellent way to gain new business, it is also important not to forget about that consumers who are using Google to find services you may provide. Since there are over 200+ factors that go into how a site will rank, it is best to hire an SEO specialist to optimize your site accordingly.

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10 Workplace Habits to Avoid

The new year brings many opportunities to end bad habits during work. Most companies set goals at the beginning of every year, shooting for better numbers, higher quality products, and so on… It takes a good work ethic and a lot of work to meet those goals but there are some little things you can do to help productivity, and enhance the work environment. Here’s a list of 10 workplace habits that need to end in 2016:

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4 Components to Marketing Any Business

For a business to grow and acquire revenue, it must attract new customers. Every start-up company and established corporation needs a solid marketing plan that generates leads and results in higher conversion rates. The first step to marketing your business requires a brand that effectively communicates its purpose to the world.

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7 Deadly Sins on Social Media

Social Media Mistakes Your Business Can Prevent

Social media seems like a simple task, but the reality is that it is difficult to stay on top of the most strategic practices for social media. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the basics, yet I continue to see businesses make preventable mistakes on social media.

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Websites from the Past

Whether you were into chocker necklaces, platform shoes, or wearing scrunchies in your hair, we all had one thing in common: the golden age of dial-up Internet! Surfing the web in the ‘90s and 2000s was totally rad. Do you remember what websites looked like back then? Looking at the earliest versions of websites for major brands is hilarious. What better time to reminisce on the poor use of screen space, neon border effects and scrolling marquees than on #FlashbackFriday!

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