Month: April 2016

What does a good employee look like?

Our good friends at Hatch put on a job fair today. It was a great way to unite those looking for a job and those looking to hire. And it was done differently than most job fair. There was a lot of interaction, companies weren’t stuck behind tables, and there talks.

Hatch asked me to give a talk titled “What does a good employee look like?” It was tough to get through the initial mental block of the assignment because, in my opinion, there isn’t that much difference between working for someone or having someone work for you. That is, as far as expectations go.

Both employees and employers have expectations. My argument was that those expectations, from employer to employee and from employee to employer, are largely the same. We all want a meaningful, adult, relationship. When those expectations aren’t lived up to, there is disappointment.

It may be a bit hard to follow along with the slides. I don’t use a lot of bullet points, and I fill in the blanks with oral explanations. But here are the slides in case you want to see what I had to say: What does a good employee look like?

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