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Why Responsive Web Design ROCKS!

Today, consumers want what they want, when they want it. With mobile Internet use increasing, brands are rethinking their decision to not only have a website, but build one with consumer intent in mind.

A responsive website design creates a huge opportunity for brands to reach and interact with mobile customers. It ensures that your site is accessible, meets current web standards, and brings in new clientele from mobile devices. However, there is more to responsive web design than just making it aesthetically appealing on both desktops and smart phones.

In addition to the benefits mentioned, responsive design is actually required in order for a site to rank in Google when a person is conducting a search from a mobile device. According to Google’s algorithm update, “mobilegeddon“, if your site is not responsive, it will not be returned to a customer’s search query when using a cell phone.

Though often overlooked, a mobile marketing strategy adds value to your brand by connecting with consumers in the moments that matter. This blog post intends to educate and shed light on how your company will benefit from a responsive, mobile-friendly website.


Paying attention to what Google loves is imperative to your success online. Google clearly loves mobile-friendly websites considering they have ranking priority over sites that lack a responsive framework. Thus, the goal of a responsive website is appealing to both viewers and search engines.

Since consumers have the tendency to trust higher ranking companies, it should be a priority to target mobile users through a responsive website that gains visibility in online search results. Making sure that your website is available to potential customers no matter where they are or what device they are using is how you will win over their hearts… and wallets.


From an SEO perspective, it is also better to have a responsive website developed rather than navigating viewers to a separate URL to use a mobile version of the website.

It is important to note the difference between a responsive website and a mobile site. Before responsive design came along, many websites presented users with the option to click on either the desktop view or mobile view, which linked to a different URL.

Responsive design eliminates the need of having two versions of the same website. Since responsive websites use only one URL, it is painless to optimize the site for search engines, and makes it easier for Google bots to crawl and index it’s content.

The purpose of having one website that fits seamlessly across a variety of devices is to create better experience online for consumers as they form opinions about your company.


Speaking for the millennial generation, we are impatient. It takes us maybe five seconds before we get irritated with a website that is not user-friendly and leave it for a competitor who may even rank below the previous brand.

We become easily frustrated with companies that do not have mobile-friendly and intuitive websites, forcing us to pinch and zoom in on content to be able to read it. We want to be able to tap on your phone number to place a call, and click on your address to get GPS directions to your place of business. In our technology-driven society, it would be silly to make the generalization that millennials are the only generation to care about how they experience a brand online.

A website lacking responsive capabilities also implies that your business does not care to stay up-to-date, leaving potential customers with a lasting, negative impression of your brand. Millennials may be what you call “website snobs“, but we expect for credible organizations to always be a step ahead in innovation and trending movements.

Mobile is its own experience and there is no doubt that it has changed how people make purchasing decisions. By putting yourself in the consumers position, you understand how an outdated website detracts from their experience online, and can ultimately lead to less traffic to the website. As the world continues to “go mobile,” it is critical for consumers to have access to your website on any device at any time, and be found through Google in their on-the-go moments of inquiry. If your site is instantly accessible to users on various devices, you will keep bounce rates low and customer satisfaction high as they engage with your brand online.

Don’t wait to make the shift towards responsive web design.
For additional information and tips on how to keep your mobile customers happy, learn about how your company will gain an advantage over your competitors with a strong, user-focused SEO campaign.

5 Beneficial Results of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of strategies created to maximize the amount of organic traffic a website receives. It helps increase page rank for specific keywords, and ensures that your site is accessible to users and search engines. Search algorithms were created to make our life online a bit easier by delivering search results that are most equipped to answer a user’s inquery.

Now that you know what it is, let’s discuss a few benefits that result from a strong, goal-oriented SEO campaign.

UNO. Gain Visibility

If done correctly, SEO efforts enhance the visibility of your website. The higher your site ranks, the more often it is seen by users, thus, boosting brand awareness and attracting new customers. Organic SEO is a great way to target consumers who are already looking for your products or services.

DOS. Instant Credibility

Gaining more online visibility for your business is only one advantage to having an optimized website. A high-ranking business page adds instant credibility to its brand. Consider your personal habits when searching online – we tend to trust and move forward with companies that are listed on the first page of Google search results.

TRES. Outrank Competitors

You do not want to miss out on new leads because a competitor is showing up more often or ranking higher in Google search. Sometimes, it is not only about ranking high. Your site needs to entice users to visit, which can be done through appealing meta descriptions and page titles. To start capitalizing in areas your opponents are not, it is best to commit to a continuous, long-term SEO plan.

QUATRO. Generate Quality Leads

The more often your site is returned to search queries, the more often it is seen. The more often it is seen, the better your chances are of generating new leads. But a goal of SEO is to not only receive new leads, but to attract quality leads that have the potential to convert into a paying customer. SEO has a huge impact on generating leads for your business and is the best way to gain organic traffic.


By implementing basic SEO strategies, web visitors will have a better user-experience while viewing your website. Viewers who are actively engaged on your site and have a positive experience with it are more likely to become valued customers. An optimized website will maximize your return-on-investment by helping you acquire new customers.

Given the increase in ranking, traffic, and new customers, it only makes sense to begin optimizing your website for search engines.

If you need help creating an SEO strategy for your business, schedule a consultation today.
Take advantage of the knowledge and resources we can offer your brand!

5 Benefits of a WordPress Website

Today, WordPress is the most popular open source content-management system (CMS) and blog platform used for developing websites. This means that your website is free from commercial restrictions and limitations. You can use WordPress however you choose, and host with whichever company you prefer. Having complete ownership of your website is why many business owners love having their website built on this platform. Here are five more reasons developing a WordPress website for your business is a great idea!

WordPress is Easy to Use & Operate:

Websites built on a WordPress platform make it easy for users without any coding knowledge to make changes to content. With little to no training, you are able to create new pages, publish blog posts, upload photos and documents, and format text the way you want it to look. Using WordPress puts the power in your hands and eliminates the hassle of having to contact your web developer every time you need to make changes to your content.

Manage WordPress Website from Any Computer or Device:

WordPress is a browser-based CMS, meaning, you have the ability to make changes and access the backend of your website from any location and on any device as long as you have Internet connection. All you need is your login credentials, and you are good to go!

Search Engines LOVE WordPress:

WordPress websites have the potential to rank high in search results because of its built-in SEO functionalities. It allows search engines, like Google, to easily crawl and index a website. To further enhance your SEO efforts, the “All In One SEO” plugin allows you to enter metadata and title tags for each page on the site.

WordPress is Mobile Ready:

WordPress gives you options for producing a responsive, mobile-friendly website. This platform automatically recognizes the device a person is viewing from and adjusts the site to laptops, tablets, and smart-phones. Keep in mind that WordPress is mobile-ready – it is already responsive.

WordPress Blogging Capabilities:

WordPress started in 2003 with bloggers in mind. It makes it incredibly easy to integrate a blog on your website if or when it is desired. Incorporating a blog on your website helps drive more traffic to it, and allows you to share your brand’s personality with viewers.

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Interview on Hampton Roads Business Weekly

Zack Miller and the Hampton Roads Business Weekly camera crew recently came down to interview Erik in the 80|20 office.

Check out the interview and learn a little more about the company’s founding and how we keep things interesting around here.

Our segment starts at 10m:45s.

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